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Life Saver tornado storm shelters provide a safe room for your family, pets and friends.  We provide over 35 years experience and our fiberglass units range in size to seat from 4 to 20 people.  The shelters meet all FEMA and NSSA specifications.   

I have some friends in Camilla, GA who, several years ago, had their lives affected by a tornado.  During that difficult time, my goal was to find the best and economical way to protect themselves and others during unforeseen natural disasters.  I researched for several years until I found a solution.

During my research I found out several important safety facts regarding tornados:

  • Underground is the safest place to be
  • Fiberglass will sustain an F5 tornado, will not rust, and will last forever

When a storm shelter is installed by a licensed, experienced technician, a lifetime warranty is provided.  My company offers this lifetime warranty to you providing peace of mind knowing you made a purchase that will protect you and your family for your entire life and then some.

Our Life Saver fiber glass in ground tornado storm shelters can be easily installed in new construction, including but not limited to, concrete slabs, crawl spaces, stair wells, and  closets.  In existing residences, construction can be as close as 2 feet from your home. Normal installation takes only one day.

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